BRANK 425 STORE in sinsadong,SEOUL,KOREA

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sieben von hekate

it’s cute how he keeps asking lay to help him answer some questions lol
he says he isn’t the kind of person to initiate the conversation when socializing with others
it takes him 30 seconds to think about the 3 best traits of himself and asks the makeup artist noona to help him this time lol
he says 對對對 (yes in mandarin), how cute
then he shyly says “if i have to boast myself, then it’s that i can make any outfit looks stylish once i wear them.”
his deep love for the exo members shows once again c’:
basically, oh sehun is a total sweetheart
"Just looking at my expression, I give off the impression of being tough and haughty, but my personality really isn’t like that, people that don’t know me would still misunderstand."

raindropsfallingup said: omg I actually have the same dilemma but I want the Vogue Korea for September and I feel sort of bad to ask my relatives to send it to me LO

Ugh I understand…international shipping can be pretty expensive :c But maybe you can offer to send them something in return too.

Really want the September issues of Cosmopolitan HK and Elle Men HK ㅜ.ㅜ

Why do I not know anyone that lives there?